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Thousands of editable royalty free tracks that will match your video perfectly

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Thousands of tracks. Millions of variations. Simple editing tools.

Move the beat drop

Change the intro length and where the beat drops, just by moving a slider.

Change track length

Create a custom length version of any track, from 15 seconds to 5 minutes.

Change instruments and melodies

Swap melodies and sounds within an existing track, no music experience necessary.

Create variations on a theme

Make variations of the same track for episodic content or transitions.

Use popular songs as a starting point

Match the tempo and genre of any popular song.

Try Out Tracks to Video

Upload a video and edit tracks to match the timing of your cuts.

A powerful music tool, made for creators.

Tuney combines sounds from world-class musicians to create soundtracks that can be edited and customized to any creative project.

Instead of searching through music libraries for pre existing tracks that fit, Tuney lets you generate the perfect soundtrack based on your needs.

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Try it out for yourself

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90 sec

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Dreamlike State
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Stay Easy
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Easy Does It
Chill Out
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Synth Dreamz
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“Tuney is perfect for our Instagram ads. They’re different lengths and vibes, and we can quickly find and customize music for each one without wasting time.”

Avatar - Vicky Singh
Vicky Singh

Owner of BAEBROW

“The custom length feature is awesome. We didn’t have to ask anyone for edits or try to make a longer version of the original track by cutting and looping. We just punched in the required length, and generated longer versions instantly.“

Avatar - Kayleb Lee
Kayleb Lee

Video Editor at Zambezi

“Tuney is great for branded podcasts. We were able to find a great track and use it across multiple episodes of a client’s podcast at a fraction of the cost of other libraries.”

Avatar - Gerardo Lara
Gerardo Lara

Video Producer at FIN Studios


How is Tuney different from other royalty free music sites?

Tuney is different in two ways.

Firstly, our music is adaptive. Our engine can "score" your video, adapting music to fit the length, format and even narrative arc of your content after analyzing your video. That means you don't have to search endlessly through a library of music like you would on other sites. Your personal music supervisor!

Secondly, our music is flexible. Which means that you can actually change the music to better fit your creative vision without being a producer or knowing how to edit music. Our simple tools like you change the track length, intro length, beat drop and even instrumentation with the click of a button.

Yes! Tuney's music is royalty free and copyright safe. By using the Tuney website to add music to your videos, you automatically get music that is copyright safe across YouTube and all other social platforms.

Yes. All of the music on the Tuney platform is royalty free and 100% copyright safe for every social platform including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitch and Snapchat.

Tuney's revolutionary music engine is essentially a song finisher and arranger. We work with World Class composers and producers to collect incomplete musical ideas and use our music engine to finish them into complete tracks that we can license to content makers like you.

By encouraging more of the fun, intuitive creative process and automating the time consuming, laborious process of finishing songs we give artists a new way to earn without finishing songs while giving content creators a better solution for adding music to video. Win-win!

Actually, yes. We decided to offer a freemium tier to our Creator Community, enabling 3 tracks per month to be available to you even if you don't pay for our platform.

We commission sample packs and loop libraries from musicians, and we also hire musicians to record and perform original material for our library. If you're interested in submitting music to be considered, please visit the Submit Sounds section of this site.

Tuney partners with businesses, brands and enterprise partners in a variety of ways. We provide affordable music licensing, on demand or background music via our API and creative music editing features. We also partner with brand marketers to automate content production workflows around music, incorporate audio branding into branded content and provide great music for content at scale. For more information, visit the For Business section of this site or shoot us a note at [email protected]

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